About the Artist

About Kerrie Warren

Contemporary artist Kerrie Warren was born in Melbourne Australia in 1968, moving location regularly with her family she experienced a transient lifestyle.  The artist believes that it was this early experience of packing up and moving on that initially inspired the wondrous sense of movement and rhythm that she strives to achieve in her artwork today.  As a young child she became aware that feelings could be evoked through the lyrical assemblage of words and felt enchanted by simply sighting their rhythmic structure on a page (poetry). 

In a painting or sculpture, the artist finds it is this same sense of rhythmic, undulating movement and poetic configuration of line, form and colour from which a sense of liveliness is perceived that intrigues her most.  In 2016 Warren completed her Masters of Contemporary Art at the Victorian College of the Arts, The University of Melbourne.  An experience which provided an academic opportunity for her to step away from the studio and critically analyse her creative practice…

Artist Kerrie Warren with painting ‘Up for Rural Review’ 2017 at Pilgrim Creek Studios, Crossover Victoria

I came to find Abstract Expressionism and Action Painting many years ago whilst completing a Diploma of Art in Ceramics – I would drip and pour glazes freely onto the dry surface for varying effects. I took this a step further during a Diploma of Transpersonal Art Therapy where I used similar techniques to express and impress myself upon the canvas.  Later on in life I learnt (through injury) that I have a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (skeletal) which made sense as to why I’m so comfortable working downwards ‘on the floor’.  It wasn’t until I heard spectators referring to ‘Jackson Pollock’ that I became aware of his work and the synergy between our processes.  Whilst exhibiting in New York in 2009, I took the opportunity to view Pollock’s work first hand at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, and took a coach trip to the Pollock-Krasner House and Study Center at Long Island to walk across the paint spattered floorboards of this acclaimed artist’s studio… it was a deeply memorable experience and I was fascinated to learn that he too had experienced moving from place to place as a child.

Kerrie Warren in her Ceramic Studio 2018

Today I am settled in Crossover Victoria (Warragul Art Region) approximately 1 hour from Melbourne.  A  beautiful location in which Pilgrim Creek Studios is surrounded by rolling green hillsides, content cows, happy alpacas and a diversity of wildlife that comes and goes.  I am fortunate to have numerous creative projects and exhibitions to consistently work toward as I contemplate life, further research and the evolution of my own artistic practice.